Our Story

Tsunja is a contemporary hand-crafted jewellery studio, dedicated to redefining modernity and celebrating quirky and bold statement pieces. We believe in slow-fashion approach by making each piece thoughtfully designed, individually hand-moulded and carefully assembled. They are statement pieces to compliment different looks or simply to be what it is, the statement piece.

On top of making things well-made, Tsunja also creates fun and unconventional jewellery which personify the wearers' playful side. Our material choice, clay and wire, are at the core of our works for its versatility and durability. And although it is both challenging and inspiring, its nature and colors make technique experimentation feasible. Tsunja also largely draw inspirations from art movement Bauhaus and interpret its elements with a contemporary attitude and modern aesthetic approach.

Tsunja was started in 2017 by the designer and maker, Jessica Jasmine. Coming with a background of fashion textile, Jessica taught herself jewelry making while working on a final collection show for her Bachelor Degree at London College of Fashion. Two years later and Tsunja is now proudly stocked at our various stockists.